Captain John Jones II

We are a small team consisting of 20 members.  We designed to function and act as our own backup teams.  In the event that we require additional back teams, we have arrangements already in place with other resources to perform in this capacity.

​We specialize in swift water rescue, trench rescue, confined space rescue, heavy vehicle extrication, ice rescue, high angle rope rescue, and dive rescue/recovery operations.  Our members are certified and maintain up-to-date certifications in their respective specialties.  We have members certified as HTR heavy vehicle/farm machinery extrication technicians, ice rescue technicians, rope rescue technicians, and public safety divers.  Our personnel has also been trained in evidence recovery procedures to ensure that integrity and chain of evidence is preserved if needed.  In addition, all of our personnel have had experience utilizing cartography and wilderness search and rescue skills.  We also staff a wilderness search and rescue instructor.  Should the need arise, we maintain copies of all certifications. 

​Our team has equipment for each of the specialties listed above including two motorized response boats; an inflatable zodiac-type boat and a flat bottom john boat.  We also have an inflatable craft which responds with us as well.  This allows us the flexibility of utilizing different styles of boat ramps in different forms of water (swift water or flat water.)  The team maintains equipment such as air shores, rope and rigging equipment, dive rescue/recovery equipment, and low pressure air bags.  We also carry air monitoring equipment, for use in trench collapse scenarios or confined environments.  Each member is outfitted with personalized gear to allow them to function for their respective specialties.

​Our response time is mainly effected by our drive time to the incident scene.  We have the capabilities to and are always ready to perform upon arrival at scene.  Very limited equipment set up time is required.  If you feel you may need to utilize any of our resources or specialists, as with any fire department incident, active us early.  We can be activated through Frederick County, VA ECC at (540) 678-9053.  If you feel it appropriate, it is acceptable to add us to dispatch algorithms for your jurisdiction.