TYPES of Membership

Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the Stephens City Volunteer Fire & Rescue Company. The Stephens City Volunteer Fire & Rescue Company is actively recruiting individuals who wish to serve the Town of Stephens City and citizens of Fredrick County.

We have two main types of membership, active riding membership and active administrative membership. As an active riding member of the Stephens City Volunteer Fire & Rescue Company, you can either ride the fire apparatus, EMS apparatus, or both. Active riding members respond to a variety of 9-1-1 calls, including car accidents, gas leaks, house and apartment fires, and a wide variety of medical emergencies. If you do not have the desire to participate in emergency activities, an administrative position may be for you. As an administrative member, you will serve in a non-riding status. These members contribute in areas such as fundraising, administrative assistance, and other administrative functions that serve an important role to the department.

In order to become an active member of the Stephens City Volunteer Fire & Rescue Company, the following steps must be completed:

Application for Membership - An application for membership can be obtained by downloading it online (fillable PDF), having it emailed to you, or picking one up at the station. Once fully completed, the application with any supporting documentation may be dropped off at the station for the membership committee. For your convenience, the downloadable application from the website may be filled out online, saved, and printed.

First Reading - Completed applications that are submitted prior to the regular monthly company meeting (3rd Tuesday of every month at 7:00 p.m.) shall be read aloud at the regular company meeting and will be tabled for thirty (30) days. During that time, the membership committee shall make a careful investigation as to the qualifications and suitability of the applicant. You do not need to be present at the first reading.

Second Reading - The membership committee will personally introduce the applicant to the company membership at the next regular monthly company meeting and the application will be read once again. After introducing the applicant to the membership, a vote of membership shall be taken by secret ballot. A majority of ballots shall be necessary for acceptance of membership. Applicants must be present at this meeting for the introductions and to be voted on. The applicant will be asked to leave the room while being voted on. After voting is completed, the applicant will be told of the majority vote. If accepted, the applicant shall immediately pay dues ($5.00) to the Treasurer and begin a probationary period of six (6) months. Newly voted in members will receive their station ID card and door access proxy card once they are voted in as a probationary members. It is highly recommended that probationary members come to the station as much as possible to start learning the equipment, learning company policy and procedures, and meet the current membership.

Probationary Period - Members serving the six (6) month probationary period will be evaluated by the administrative and operational officers during this period. Probationary members shall comply with all requirements as set forth by the company bylaws (training, fundraising, general station activities, etc.). At the first regular monthly company meeting following the probationary period, a report will be presented by the membership committee on the status of the probate with their recommendation to accept or reject the applicant. Company members must vote once again by secret ballot to accept the probationary member into full membership.

Training/Responding to Calls - Prior to responding to calls, each new active fire and/or EMS member shall satisfactorily complete the required probationary in-station training, as approved by the Fire/EMS Chief. Active fire and/or EMS members must have a valid health care provider CPR certification prior to responding to emergency incidents. All active riding members should attempt to complete a fire and/or EMS class as soon as possible in order to obtain the proper certifications. The Stephens City Volunteer Fire & Rescue Company will gladly accept prior fire and EMS certifications. Fire certifications must be equivalent and recognized by the Virginia Department of Fire Programs. The Virginia Office of Emergency Medical Services recognizes all current National Registry certifications for reciprocity. The Virginia Office of EMS will also accept and consider applications from providers with current EMS certifications from ANY state or U.S. territory for certification in Virginia at the EMT level only through Legal Recognition. Once granted, certification through Legal Recognition will be valid for a maximum of one calendar year OR the time left on the present certification, whichever is shortest.